Gazebo Area Rules of Use*

The following terms and conditions must be followed when holding an event at the Gazebo:

  • If your gazebo event will include 20-50 people, inclusive of children, you are required to obtain a Special Events Permit from the NYC Parks Department. Please allow 3-6 weeks to acquire the permit.
  • Alcoholic beverages and amplified music are not allowed in the park.
  • Petting zoos are prohibited.
  • You may bring chairs and tables into the gazebo. Please remove them at the end of your event.
  • The two picnic tables adjacent to the gazebo (in the southwest corner) are included in your gazebo reservation. The other picnic tables on the gravel area (east of the gazebo) are not included in your reservation.
  • Please do not allow children to pick flowers, damage the gardens, or go to the bathroom anywhere within the park other than in the public restrooms. The public restrooms are located in the northwest corner of the park.
  • No admittance fees may be charged for your gazebo event in the park, and the use of the gazebo for any commercial enterprise (selling merchandise, promoting a private business venture, etc.) is prohibited without applying for and receiving a Vendor’s License from the NYC Parks Department.
  • Blankets, chairs and strollers are not permitted on the lawn of Washington Market Park.
  • Please do not use tape on the gazebo. Balloons and other decorations may be secured with string. Please completely remove all decorations after your event.
  • Please allow sufficient time to leave the gazebo area clean. Your time allotment includes set-up and clean-up. Please bring a garbage bag for your trash and deposit your trash bag near the gazebo trash bin after your event.
  • Kindly let us know if you no longer require the gazebo as other people may wish to reserve it.
  • Please note that there are no donation refunds for cancelled or rained-out events. However, we will make every effort to help you reschedule your event.

Violation of these rules may result in permanent loss of future gazebo privileges. The Friends of Washington Market Park reserves the right to allocate and/or deny gazebo access at its discretion.

* Gazebo reservations now also include the two picnic tables in the southwest corner of the park, adjacent to the gazebo area.

The Friends of Washington Market Park is not liable for injury or property loss/damage occurring during use of the gazebo or at any time in the park.

Please Note

A donation of $200 is suggested for use of the gazebo area. All donations are tax-deductible and help to fund free community events as well as beautification projects in Washington Market Park. You may use the button below to make your donation. Please denote “gazebo donation” when you see the phrase  add special instructions to the seller.

Alternatively, you may mail a personal check made payable to “The Friends of Washington Market Park.”

Mailing Address
The Friends of Washington Market Park
Church Street Station
Post Office Box 3275
New York, New York 10008