Tennis in Washington market Park


The Washington Market Park tennis court — a lit, hard-court surface — is located on Chambers Street on the southwest side of the park close to West Street.

The court is open for play from 7am until midnight daily from the first Saturday of April until the Sunday before Thanksgiving in November.

Typically, sign-up is daily beginning at 7am with the park staff at the park house in the northwest corner of the main park.

Tennis permits from the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation are required for play. Purchase your permit here

During the summer of 2023, our court was resurfaced and repainted; it is now blue and features the Parks Department logo! Thank you NYC Parks Department!

Court Rules and Regulations

  1. The sign-up sheet is maintained by park attendants and is kept at the park house in the northwest corner of the main park, beginning at 7am.
  2. To sign-up for court time, a player must appear in person at the park house and present a NYC Park tennis permit to the park attendant. Everyone playing MUST have a NYC Park tennis permit.
  3. Players are only allowed to sign-up for a court time during the current day.
  4. A player is permitted to use the court only once per day, either 1 hour for singles or 2 consecutive hours for doubles. No exceptions. If you are reserving the court for two consecutive hours (doubles) at least two players with valid NYC Park tennis permits must be present to reserve that time.
  5. The names of ALL players using the court, and their NYC park permit numbers, must be on the sign-in sheet, whether or not they are present for sign-up.
  6. Please be sure to close and lock the court gate when leaving in order to prevent vandalism. You may obtain the combination to the gate from the park attendant.
  7. Please be courteous to park staff who must enter the court periodically to maintain the court.
  8. Do not enter the court during play. Please enter the court only after the previous players’ hour is up, and after play has stopped. Please exit the court as quickly as possible after your hour is up.
  9. The park attendant may check for valid NYC Park tennis permits at any time. Please have your permit with you while you are playing.